Transforming the lives of indian children

NEST (Nurturing and Educating for Social Transformation): VILLAGE FOR CHILDREN

NEST (Nurturing and Educating for Social Transformation) is a project of FIDESIndia Society. NEST is also a bird's nest, where the young are taken care of. It is a children's village for orphaned and abandoned children. It is a home away from home providing an alternative family for children who have fallen out of the NEST of their natural families.

Target groups:

  • Orphans
  • Semi orphans and single parent children in risky situations
  • Talented children from low income families from rural areas and slums


To effectively work towards providing a facilitative environment for the growth and development of orphaned and destitute children and to work towards their integration in the main stream of society by providing shelter, food, clothing, education and accommodating them in the home with a foster mother or parents who will provide them a sense of security and affection


The NEST Home is situated in Kumbalgodu, Kengeri about 30 kilometers away from Bangalore on the Bangalore- Mysore Road. The campus of 5 acres provides children and eco friendly atmosphere for their growth and development.

The first NEST home was started in June 2005 with 6 children in a rented building in Maligondanahalli a village 5 KM away from Mysore Road, near big banyan tree, a village surrounded by small hills and valleys

In September 2006 we shifted to a new temporary NEST home building in the present campus of NEST with 13 children.

On 9th.July 2008 we shifted to the newly constructed homes for children.

NEST at a glance.

At present we have 50 children living in four homes. In each home there is a care taker to look after the needs of the children. Besides them there are three volunteers from Germany sent by 'weltwaerts 'an organization of the German Government.
We have completed the construction of 6 homes and an administrative Block is nearing completion.
Our children are hailing from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds from the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of North India. Medium of communication is English.
In this era of globalization children need the best education possible to compete with others. Hence they are sent to St.Clare Convent School following ICSC syllabus.


The expenses for the running of the project are met by local and international donations.

Philosophy behind NEST

NEST stands for Nurturing and Educating for Social transformation. Children need to be groomed to live in harmony with one self, in harmony with others and with the nature.
Children need space for their physical, emotional, social, moral and intellectual development.
The serene atmosphere of the Village, the harmony in the nature, the spacious location of the homes and above all the ambience of the family are providing children a healthy atmosphere for their physical well being.
Children get ample opportunities to interact with friends, benefactors, volunteers from India and abroad which enhances the process of socialization.
The presence of loving and caring staff their availability and commitment give children emotional security and space to express their emotions in a healthy way.
A person's life has to be anchored on a supreme power which needs to be slowly developed with guidance, directions and good models. It is integrated in the routine programme of the homes.
The intellectual development of children is taken care by providing a good education aimed at character formation and helping them to set goals for their life. They need to set higher goals for their life, which will make them hard working, avoiding being mediocre person. Unfolding and development of unique talents and abilities prepare them for their unique contribution to the humanity.
It is wonderful experience watching children growing and unfolding the hidden talents in them. The uniqueness of each child is manifested in different ways. It is amazing experience to watch budding in the young minds the desire to become a Teacher, Engineer, Scientist, Doctor, Nurse, Police etc. It has to be nurtured and protected against distractions of various kinds. Certain behavior patterns and character traits are noticeable at a very early age. Each child is having its own way of getting the attention and love.
We experience transformation taking place in their behavior patterns, slowly imbibing socially accepted values like honesty, truthfulness, compassion, and love and sharing. We are creating a generation and laying foundation for another. What ever values we give children today is important.
One of the beautiful things about the young children is that they absorb themselves totally in the present moment in what ever they are doing. Spend time with children; learn more about laughter, spontaneity, curiosity, acceptance, resilience, trust and determination. Children know how to laugh, they don't need much to laugh at, and sometimes they don't need anything at all. They laugh because it feels good. Delightfully spontaneous, they don't analyze and work everything; they just are busy 'being'
We are instruments in the process of transformation taking place in children. We learn from them to be spontaneous, transparent and simple.



FIDESIndia offers ecological and social awareness programmes for the NGO groups and staff members of various organizations like schools. Students of colleges and schools also are targeted. These programmes help to create in the beneficiaries a sense of social commitment and a concern for creation. Many schools and voluntary groups have extended invitation to us towards conducting this type of programmes. We have a target of about 10 such programmes in a year. The venue is selected carefully and the programmes are conducted in villages or in slums where the people also can participate in the programme


FIDESIndia has launched an innovative programme for the benefit of the poor children. We have started to organize the children into small groups of fifteen members. The children will have an opportunity to share their resources among themselves to help one another with their academic pursuit. We are encouraging the children to develop a habit of saving and trying to tie this activity with some financial institution to help these children to come up educationally. We want these children to learn good habits and grow up with a civic consciousness. The children are helped to monitor their own progress periodically. This programme will have far reaching implications in the life of the children as they grow up and take away heavy burdens from the poor to educate their children.



Formerly known as SFS boarding homes and later renamed, as prateeksha is the most traditional of the ministries of the MSFS. Prateeksha as explained in its original Sanskrit give its meaning as hope in English. The term denotes in SUPPORTIVE EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE project component an attempt to give hope to children who do not have chances in their life either because they are poor or because they don't have a chance in life. This is one of the oldest of our innovative ministry efforts and the province runs it with the help of all our registered charitable organizations through homes for children all over Karnataka and certain parts of Kerala for the benefit of poor rural and urban children. Establishment of homes for orphans, semi-orphans and poor rural children was always a priority of the province and there are many children who have gone through the portals of the Prateeksha homes during the past 18 years. Hitherto there are 5 such homes established. They are as follows: -
Name No. Of Beneficiaries
SFS Boys Home Electronics city 45 children
SFS Boys Home Chintamani 8 children
SFS Boys Home Kadisenahalli 10 children
SFS Boys Home Gokunte 16 children
SFS Boys Home Ulickal 13 children

A new home in Electronics city was completed in June 2006. This has the capacity to accommodate about 60 children. A new Home for the children in Ulickal is completed in the year 2009 and kadisenahalli in 2009. A new home for the children is proposed in Mundargi in Gadag district for about 30 children.

Prateeksha Boys Home Electronics City

The Station was established in early 8os but the home was started in the year 1991 by Dr. Mathew Kozhppakalam. A new home was built for the boys in the year 2006 with the assistance from Augustinians in Klosterneuburg. Now there are facilities for accommodating about 60 children. Fr. Timson Parakkottu is the present Director of the Prateeksha Home in Electronics City.

Chintamani - Prateeksha Home

The mission station was established in 1977 with erection of St. Joseph's Church. Later SFS Schools started. At the time of starting the school a boarding was also started under the title, 'SFS Boy's Home' by Rev. Fr. Joseph Pazhayatil with intention of providing free lodging and education for 20 children. It was not continuous and was revived again under Fr. E.Raja and was placed under the care of FIDESIndia and renamed as the 'Prateeksha Home' in 2008. At present Fr. Jojo Kolorickal is the Director. . There are 4 boys today in the boarding but the boarding consists of dormitory, study hall and other facilities capable of handling 20 children. There are 170 Catholics today with Fr. Sebastian Kulangarathottiyil as the Parish Priest and Fr. Jojo Kolorickal as the Assistant.

Kadesenahalli - Prateeksha Home

In kadasenahalli a boarding was started in 1987 by Fr. Elanjipuram. Kadasenahalli became a parish in 1989 as St.Anthony's Parish. The Boarding got its full pledged facilities in 2009 with the sponsorship by the Augustinian monastery, Kliosternberg-Austria and the boarding was renamed as Prateeksha Home on Feb.18, 2009. At present the Director is Fr. James and there are 10 inmates. The centre has spacious bedrooms, study halls, recreation halls, along with teacher quarters and the presbytery attached so that they are regularly monitored for the progress. Facilities are provided for the supervised study of the village children in the evening. For the continuity of the centre benefactors are provided and centre must now use its facilities properly and to the satisfactory level as there is capacity for 40 inmates with adequate facilities. The future plans are to provide computer facilities and tuition classes.

Gokunte - Prateeksha Home

A boarding was started in this centre in the year 1990 by Fr. Jose Puthiaparmbil under the title, 'SFS Boy's Home.' Later Fr. James looked after it for 9 years and now Fr. C. Joseph for almost 5 years who is also the present director. It was renamed as Prateeksha Home in 2008 and there are 16 inmates on the regular basis. Gokunte as parish was established in 1928 as 'St. Francis Xavier Church' and was entrusted the MSFS in 1970. Under Fr. C.Joseph the boarding has revived with the help and donation by Ms. Judy Waradale an Australian. Its continuity and maintenance is assured with the sponsorship as of now. Earlier SFS schools used to contribute Rs.30000/- together as a quarterly installment. Undertakings are still on to make the Prateeksha Home as a centre with family atmosphere and to equip the centre with facilities feasible for better education in the village. The boarders go to St.Ann's School managed by SAB Sisters.

Prateeksha Boy's Home, ULIKKAL

This boy's home was started on 1st of June 2004 by Rev Fr Varghese Puthuparampil, with five children. This home has given place for 45 children so far. The present Director Fr Anil Thondampallil took charge as director in 2006. New building of the boy's home was inaugurated in 2008. At present the home has 13 children. The home consists of semi orphans and children from the poor families. Recruitment is strictly based on interview and the mark obtained in the annual examination. Fr. KV Joseph is the present Director.



Free tuition centers and personality development programs for urban and rural children - FIDESIndia society conducts free tuition classes for children belonging to the poorer sections of the society in 24 different centers in various slums and villages in the outskirts of the Bangalore city. This programme caters to almost 620 children throughout the academic year. During the vacation FIDESIndia conducts Holiday Programmes for children in various slums of the city. Fourteen volunteers of the FIDESIndia society manage this program for the society.

Sunshine/ Kiran: Financial assistance to poor students and support to drop outs

This is to give an opportunity to semi-orphans and other neglected children below poverty line and to assist them through their formative years. FIDES India supports at present about 100 school going children for their education and 25 for their higher education (Colleges, Technical Institutes, and Nursing Students etc.) Special attention is given to dropouts. FIDESIndia has organized children who have dropped out from regular school. Many of them are working to support their families. In a survey conducted by FIDESIndia in April-May 2004 the Organization identified almost 300 children from 6 slums in the city and the outskirts of Bangalore who stopped their studies for various reasons. After meeting the children and parents separately and together and after having done necessary counseling FIDESIndia identified 25 children and 10 of them wrote their SSLC exam so far. Personnel (Paid or volunteers) are appointed to take care of these children and all their educational expenditure is met by the society.

Moon in the Dark

There was a boy named John, a cute, good looking, active among the children. Everyday he had the habit of coming to school in time, that too a bit early from the school time. He was very good in studies. Always he used to get 1st rank in the class. Even though he was born in very poor family he spends most of his time in reading. He was good in Maths.
John was one of the five children in the family. Eldest son, his duty was to look after his younger ones. When he was studying in SSLC an incident took place in his life. He was coming back after his tuition it was almost getting dark. In a good mood he entered the house by whistling himself. But there he saw everybody in a sad mood. When he asked the reason he understood that his father met with an accident and his backbone had been wounded and he cannot walk throughout his life. He became mad hearing this bad news. Therefore he stopped his studies in the middle of the year.
Now john started to work in the nearby factory as a daily labourer. He didn't read any of the lessons. But when the SSLC Exams commenced everybody told him to attend the exam. And he did the same. But the miracle! He wondered when his results were out. Because he was passed in first class. This shows that he was very good in studies. He could not continue his studies. So he decided to go to work. Each and everyone persuaded him to continue. But he needed somebody's help and support. There was another responsibility on his shoulder to look after his younger ones.
"Instead of doing a small job, if you have good education you can earn more and keep your family happy" he remembered his teacher's words. He made up his mind to study. He is a best devotee of God the Father. He believed God. "God is always with you to help when you are in need." Yes. These words came true. God helped him through…….
And today by …………… help and support he is studying in 1st year diploma in Channapattana. Thank you for your kind help. May God Bless you abundantly and keep you in good health to help other children like John.



Project RANGOLI as the name indicates is a programme meant for the talent enhancement and value education, to bring out the colour in the children. Primarily meant for the children belonging to schools located in backward areas. FIDESIndia society hosted talent day programmes for children belonging to various government schools in the city and in the Bangalore rural. This is an occasion for the children to prove their talents and to come up in life. Children are given prizes and merit certificates for the various competitions that are held. FIDESIndia recognized the children who are outstanding in their academic performances by constituting prizes for the best performing student in each of these classes.
FIDESIndia offers value education programmes to schools and colleges. Separate programmes are conducted for the teachers and the students. The FIDESIndia team goes from school to school giving programmes on topics such as character formation, Leadership, Motivation etc. FIDESIndia has organized such programmes in slums and villages too for the last three years. FIDESIndia organizes one-day seminars and value education programmes for children from various city schools on request. A nominal fee is charged for such schools. Cultural programmes and competitions in speech, essay, and chart preparations based on the theme and skit and dance competitions are part of it.


A Resource and documentation centre for Education and Awareness
FIDESIndia has established a Value education library for the use of its beneficiaries. There are over 400 documentaries and feature films on Values / Social Issues for the benefit of various schools and social groups. There is a team who goes from place to place to organize programme for schools, NGOs and other service industries.

Values of Christ are meant to be the foundation of all our concerns and activities.
  • Sensitivity to the Poor:We place the interests of the poor before our individual and organizational interests.
  • Secularism/ Equality: We do not discriminate ...
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