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Entering NCRI was not thought of when the society was formed. The killer tsunami that hit the coastal villages in December 2004 enabled FIDESIndia to enter emergency services.
Cutting a swathe of death and destruction across the coastal areas of half a dozen countries of the Indian Ocean, the titanic tsunami rising from the fifth largest earthquake since the beginning of the 20th century – and the biggest in last four decades – has plunged the whole region in shock and grief. India is one of those, most grievously hit, with South India and Tamil Nadu in particular suffering the highest death toll of all. Fr. Jose Parappillil, Provincial of southwest province of the Fransalians convoked a meeting of the FIDESIndia team and deputed them to do something concretely for the victims. Instead of squabbling with international organizations, disputing statistics and being dragged to the table, we went ahead and met people who were affected and that really made a difference. We wanted to do something for this people. This tragedy brought FIDESIndia closer to real people who were affected by this monumental humanitarian disaster. The FIDESIndia team visited all the areas affected by the deadly Tsunami.

The team found that the need of the hour is:
➔Relief ➔Rehabilitation ➔Reconstruction

The implementation of the project was entrusted to Fr. Mathew Kozhuppakalam, Fr. Shibu Jacob and Fr. Patrick Jayaraj.


The FIDESIndia team identified Kodiakkara Village in Naga Pattanam (Dt) in Tamil Nadu for undertaking rehabilitation activities. These are seasonal fisher folk who stay in the place only for a period of six months to do fishing. After six months they will move away to their native in Thoothukudi District and Ramanath District. The killer Tsunami hit the area on 26th morning at 9.00 A.M. The horrifying waves destroyed their houses, and washed away their boats, nets and other implements. These were the only means of their livelihood. The village houses hundred and twenty families. Out of these 63 are nomadic families. This is a very peculiar story. Since they are nomads Government refused them any help. This people do not have any money. They have no identity and the government disowned them. Initially some of these people did not have any food for three days. A community of religious sisters (DSFS) provided them with the basic needs and contacted FIDESIndia. Many of these people are undergoing medical treatment. Some of them left hospital due to lack of money. Children have stopped going to schools. It is sad to hear that since they do not have jobs here their family and small children are starving in their native. After visiting the place we decided to collaborate with the DSFS sisters in the work to provide relief and rehabilitation to the affected people.
FIDESIndia along with DSFS sisters identified 63 families who are in dire need of help. What they need at the moment is assistance to repair their boats and nets so that they can resume their work and earn their livelihood. Besides there are about 300 coolie workers dependent on these boats, who are either partners or just daily wage earners. In any case future of all these families depend on their ability to go back to sea at the earliest. That is why we thought of helping them out to repair their boats and nets and to provide them with the necessary funds.
Out of the sixty-three people 23 are from Thoothukudi District and the rest are from Ramnath District. They belong to different places keezhevaippar, Thankachimadam, Akkkamadam etc.
FIDESIndia was instrumental in reaching out to this people to provide them with the necessary help to get back to their work by way of repair of boats, nets, providing them with new nets etc. In the Government High School of Arkottuthurai FIDESIndia provided text books and note books to around five hundred children affected by Tsunami. The people have begun their normal life to a certain extend. Though there are fears of impending danger we are able to see the triumph of will and endurance.


After visiting the affected areas in Kottar the team decided to take up a few villages for the reconstruction of community utilities like watch sheds, storage facility etc. These are not taken up by the government machinery and there is an immediate need for the watch sheds (This is a place where men spend their time to observe the weather changes etc. before they go for work. They also use these sheds for repair of their nets etc.) This is done in collaboration with the communities and parishes and after construction of these buildings that are meant for common use they were left to the people of the place for administrative purpose. We have started the work with KADIYA PATTANAM. In Kadiya pattanam we reconstructed four watch sheds and one building for fish storage. The work was completed in record time.
FIDESIndia deputed 18 volunteers to various villages affected by the tsunami in collaboration with Voluntary Health Association, Kanyakumari after the second threat of Tsunami along the coastal line during the last week of March 2005. They did a great job in the area restoring the spirit of the people who were afraid to go back to the sea.
This was a great experience for the FIDESIndia team. Today FIDESIndia has a trained team of personnel who can assist peole in emergency sitations.

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