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FIDESIndia Society is a voluntary organization involved in rural development programmes in Karnataka & Kerala with an objective of improving the Socio-Economic condition of rural poor, as well as educational support to the orphan/ semi-orphan children and environment promotion. During all these years of developmental activities, FIDESIndia Society has achieved a break through...

  • Alternate credit system managed by the rural poor through socially functional groups (Self affinity groups).
  • Empowerment of women.
  • Educational support and environmental aspects
  • Focused in educating the rural poor about their personal hygiene, sanitation and other health related activities.
  • Training for community based groups for the enhancment of their knowledge, skill & motivation there is an immediate need to conduct effective meeting concept and improved self-employment opportunities and income generating skills for their sustainable livelihood.
  • Worked in close co-ordination with the community to ensure gender representative.
  • Also conducted participative rural appraisal activities/ programmes to the visitors, who came from the different institutions/ colleges.
  • Also focused the favouring different awareness/ training programmes.
  • Colourfest programme and value education for the children of government schools of Bangalore south and north taluks of Bangalore district.
  • Nutrition, health care and AIDS awareness programme.
  • Animal husbandry, promotion of fodder and enrichment of dry fodder processing.
  • Introduced with regard to preparation of organic manure/ vermicompost.

Based on this, FIDESIndia Society has been actively involved in conducting the different training programme for the community average 300 training per year. Coverage's: SHG Members – 1500, others – 500, Tuition Children – 400 and Government School children – 2000.
As a result, the SHG members, who have already generated income from different activities, have participated outside programmes which are being conducted by government departments/ banks and are identified by them and developed networking and linkages.



In Bangalore South there are 24 groups of women and 2 groups for children. All the groups are functional with regular weekly meetings. In Bangalore North there is one federation with 40 SHGs as members. They have regular monthly meetings. Total number of women will be about 1200 and they belong to 22 villages in Bangalore south and 20 villages in Bangalore North. Most of the women belonging to the Federation have engaged themselves in one or the other income generation activities. Many of them have availed bank loans to this effect and others have managed with the savings from the Groups. Most of the groups have tried to get the available government schemes for this purpose.

  • Conducting various training programmes
  • Research in development
  • National Integration Programmes
  • Awareness Programmes for urban and rural women
  • Formation and Nurturing of Self Help Groups
  • Legal aid programmes
  • Health Camps/ Pro life Programmes
  • Training of Grass root level workers/activists


  1. 1.SHG Concept- 45 SHGs (350 members)
  2. 2.Book Writers Training – 35 members were trained to write and maintain the activities and accounts of different SHGs
  3. 3.Health& Nutrition- 15 SHGs (300 members)
  4. 4.Leadership Training- 20 SHGs (400 Members)
  5. 5.Medicinal Plants & Ayurveda – 10 SHGs ( 150 members)
  6. 6.Income Generation Programme Training- 20 SHGs (400 Members)
  7. 7.Bank Linkage Concept- 10 SHGs
  8. 8.Bank Linkages
  9. 9.Agriculture, animal husbandry, Baala Sangama for underprivileged children, Women's Day Celebrations etc. are regular annual features of FIDESIndia and is done with the collaboration of brothers from Tejas Vidya Peetha.
Values of Christ are meant to be the foundation of all our concerns and activities.
  • Sensitivity to the Poor:We place the interests of the poor before our individual and organizational interests.
  • Secularism/ Equality: We do not discriminate ...
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