Transforming the lives of indian children
Why FIDES India ?
FIDES India working with the concept of supportive education and tried to realize the dream through various project meant for communities and and individuals.
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How Else Can You Help?
We need your supporting hands in different ways, which will greatly help us to move forward with proactive energy.
Supportive Educational Initiatives [SEI]
Investment in Education, especially primary education is one of the most important determinants of human welfare, opportunity, and economic growth. the linkage in each of these areas are now well established as to be beyound serious dispute. the low earning of poor.......

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Values of Christ are meant to be the foundation of all our concerns and activities.
  • Sensitivity to the Poor:We place the interests of the poor before our individual and organizational interests.
  • Secularism/ Equality: We do not discriminate ...
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